Home Away from Home!

This was our 7th visit to this amazing Resort! We feel right at home upon arrival and look for familiar faces in the great and caring staff. I celebrated my birthday here and was able to also enjoy watching the Football World Cup (Soccer for us Americans). As members of TravelSmart VIP and Diamond Club, we always enjoy check-in at the private Diamond Club desk, where you can have gourmet snacks while you are doing the registration process.
The TravelSMart team upgraded our room as soon as they realized that our original room had a few technical problems; so all was well. Building 6 put us in front of the Diamond Club beach area and still close to the many great specialty restaurants, pool area and main event plaza. Our room had great amenities to include a in-room jacuzzi, shower room with seating and double bathroom sinks. The Balcony had a nice view and being on the 3rd floor, partial privacy and quietness.

New at the beach area: more beach beds, more space for Diamond Club members and more straw shade umbrellas for all guests. The hotel was at 96% capacity but we always were able to find a comfortable spot.

The whole staff, to us, was friendly, courteous, caring and professional. Always positive, always smiling. Here I will mention the ones that went above and beyond:
Buttlers: José Luís and Pichardo “Pico.” Thank you both for making our stay comfortable and for making sure I had a nice and amazing birthday!
Team TravelSMart VIP: Alex Hernández, Director – Thank you for always taking the time to great us and share with us out of your busy schedule! Daya, Milagros, Adelina, Gaby, Daniusa, Mayra, Gabriella. We appreciate you all with your electric personalities and for inviting us to the Diamond Club Member Appreciation afternoon and making my birthday even more memorable!

All in all, we did have a full week of a memorable vacation! See you all soon!